This is a portal to my personal storage. You can apply by sending an email.

Ongoing projects

This is the place to be if you want to know what im up to outside office/school hours. Here are most of the projects I'm working on or have worked on. Some have a instruction and parts list if you want to remake them.


I hope this link speaks for its self, this is the link towards my facebook page.


In the near future I planned to start my own local LoRa network in home. This wil be the portal page for that project.


The link to my Google plus page, Although it is quite empty. That will hopefully change with this link.

About me

Well you will never guess what this page is about. Hint, "Me". Here you can find what is keeping me on track, what i find curious in the world and what interests me. On this page i tell about my past, now and future. I keep track of school projects and achievements. Also the things that are public here, are not everything i've done and some of these projects are in group formation or are only partial available. evertheless this is a good overview.

Project Link

This project is in the scaffolds. A lot of maintainance needed to get this to work well but I hope you will be surprised and amazed!