I am Mathijs Westerhof
I do Website Design
and Development

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Mathijs Westerhof
The Netherlands, Groningen




Learning new skills


hello, I am Mathijs. Welcome to this website, made with a passion for developing. constantly updated with the newest features because I cant just leave a project for finished. This paticular page was developed in a learning process with laravel. some of the other pages with plain html/php or with nodejs. Since I work not only with software but also with hardware it is tempting to combine the two. So if you want to hear more about me or my passions be sure to follow me on my blog or trough the social portals.


Obs Jaarfke 2001-2009
8 year
Dollard College 2009-2015
6 year
Hanze, Advanced sensor applications 2015-2017
2 year
Hanze, ICT 2017-2021
1 year


My current skills involve a small list of my programming languages. Communication is a mayor key in group work and so is creativity and openmindness. lastly I want to add to the list that Agile working leads to better project deliveries. So i have been working with that as well; in the form of scrum, trello and git.

The languages I currently use most are PHP, javascript in form of nodeJS, Java and C++. in case of node of php i combine it with a mysql socket; All of these languages in object oriented form. Next to the core i can understand Lua and i can work with the softwares that utilize these, like Nginx apache. Last on the list are html and css wich are both not realy programming languages but are fundamentaly important to most websites.




I am available for Freelancing work and collaboration.

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